Will Ospreay Says He's Retiring This Controversial Move After AEW Dynasty Dream Match

The dream match between Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty was everything that wrestling fans wanted it to be: a dream. The two men went to war for over 30 minutes, with Ospreay picking up the victory after hitting a Storm Driver '93 and a Hidden Blade. However, Danielson was visibly in pain after taking the Storm Driver '93 to the point where doctors tried to get involved. Ospreay appeared at the AEW Dynasty post-show media scrum to talk about the match, where he opened up by apologizing to everyone after reviewing the footage and seeing the medical staff trying to get involved. 


"Within the confines of wrestling, I do go, like I said, in the ring it is more or less your life versus mine, until you kind of see it staring at you in the face of what I did and I'm honestly...I feel awful about this. So even though like 90% of the time, that move's been absolutely fine, seeing the damage that it's kind of done, I'm going to retire using the Storm Driver."

Ospreay explained that after seeing what the Storm Driver '93 did to Danielson – someone he has a huge amount of respect for and has wanted to wrestle since he was a child — it wouldn't feel right continuing to use the move. The star then apologized to Danielson, the AEW medical team, and Tony Khan for being reckless in the ring, before the company President explained that Danielson would be okay and Ospreay should be proud of winning such a tremendous match.


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