Why Tommy Dreamer Would Leave Mercedes Mone Off AEW TV 'For A Bit'

Mercedes Mone was one of AEW's highest-anticipated signings before her eventual debut. However, despite being an on-screen staple on "AEW Dynamite," she has yet to compete or take any heavy bumps largely because she's not medically cleared yet. According to Tommy Dreamer of "Busted Open Radio," this has negatively affected her momentum.


"You had this big awesome debut and then the follow-up. The follow-up is key," Dreamer emphasized. He then described how her time away from action is beginning to disconnect her from her major AEW debut but also questioned why they had her attacked during an interview. 

"It's a disconnect, but if I'm not medically cleared but then somebody jumped me from behind and I'm already hurt and then I get hurt again and then I'm back the next week?" Dreamer suggested that the best route could just be to have her disappear until later — potentially like how Adam Cole hasn't been on screen despite being revealed as "The Devil." "If you can't do physical stuff, then maybe just kind of disappear to come back again?"


Dreamer then explained that Mone's first opponent needs to be "perfect" as she still needs to prove herself to the AEW audience. "You can come into any company based upon what you've done somewhere else, eventually, you have to step into the ring and prove yourself there." Dreamer also suggested that Mone could turn heel instead, due to how well she's performed in the role in the past.

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