Video: WWE Champ Bayley Tears Up Fan's IYO SKY Sign At House Show

Reigning WWE Women's Champion Bayley went to war with her former friend and stablemate IYO SKY during this year's WrestleMania 40. In a subsequent match at a house show, Bayley grabbed a sign from a fan supporting SKY and tore it up, suggesting there's still heat between the two. Interestingly, despite tearing up the sign, Bayley still apologized to the fan and claimed it was "for the cameras." Additionally, she reassured him that it's "okay to be fans of losers." 


Based on how she tried to reassure the fan, it seems Bayley is taking her return as a babyface seriously. Bayley opened up about her face turn following WrestleMania 40, revealing she was unsure how fans would receive her after following her time as a heel.

On the topic of her friendship with SKY, Bayley described the outcome of their WrestleMania 40 bout as bittersweet. According to Bayley, she was struggling with the loss of their friendship and that a part of her had hoped the two of them would somehow make up but she now believes that SKY will never forgive her. 


While it might take a lot of forgiveness and time, it seems that Bayley might still be open to making amends with SKY, but it remains to be seen if actions like tearing up a fan sign have set back their reconciliation or not. SKY is still running with Damage CTRL, but the faction is now facing the threat of Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair, so it might be quite some time before Bayley faces her former stablemates again.