Will Ospreay Addresses AEW Dynamite Promo On WWE's Triple H, Doesn't Regret Comments

Will Ospreay had a heated battle with Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty, where he came out on top and generated buzz throughout the wrestling community. However, Ospreay previously went viral for clapping back at Triple H after the veteran seemingly took a shot at him. During the press conference following AEW Dynasty, Ospreay explained why he responded.


"I come from a generation when like ... if you throw a jab I throw one back," Ospreay explained. Despite this, he admitted that he wasn't mentioned by name but pointed out how the shot was clearly aimed at him. He then proclaimed that he's now done talking about anyone in WWE and further admitted that he lowered himself to their level.

Ospreay instead turned the attention to the match he had with Danielson. "Look what I just did in the ring with Bryan and that's only match two from pay-per-views, do you know what I mean? I've got a f*** load more to go now." He then noted that while he was annoyed by the statement made about him, the jab he took was an old joke. "I don't think it was anything bad. It was a joke from like 20 years ago for f***'s sake."


Due to largely being in NJPW for most of his career, Ospreay never experienced the AEW-WWE tribalism and criticized it. "It's not nice, it's unnecessary. I'm over it, I can't be bothered with it, I just want to focus on promoting AEW." Ospreay concluded by saying that he doesn't regret his shot, but he won't continue the back-and-forth.

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