Chad Gable May Have Shared A WWE Draft Spoiler

Chad Gable has been a standout performer on "WWE Raw," especially in his recent hunt for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, which makes the new addition to his bio on social media interesting. Gable's bio on X (formerly Twitter) currently reads "WWE Superstar. SmackDown," despite his longstanding presence on "Raw." Gable's most recent televised match for the blue brand took place more than a year ago, and he's only wrestled two "SmackDown" TV matches in the past 30 months. Gable also posted a cryptic post about what he is "becoming."


It's possible Gable's bio has spoiled his landing spot for the upcoming WWE Draft, but there's no confirmation on why Gable or his social media team changed the bio. Set to begin on the April 26 episode of "WWE SmackDown" and end on the April 29 "WWE Raw," the whims of WWE's General Managers will shuffle the rosters of both shows during the draft, and even champions can change brands. "WWE NXT" is reportedly set to be heavily featured in this year's draft, with the developmental brand's creative team told to focus on the show as a third brand, more than just a learning experience.

Gable had been a plucky underdog, leading the proverbial Island of Misfit Toys known as Alpha Academy, which included Otis, Akira Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri. His recent heel turn, however, seems likely to change things; The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that Gable is believed to be getting paired with the Creed Brothers. Gable's single-minded drive to become WWE Intercontinental Champion has recently led to him turning his back on the fans, attacking Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn in front of Zayn's family in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on last week's "Raw" — if Gable does end up on "SmackDown," there's distinct chance Zayn could switch brands as well.