More QR Codes On WWE Raw Lead To Cryptic Clues, Puzzles Involving A Specific Number

Another week, another set of clues on "WWE Raw," seemingly teasing the return or debut of a mysterious figure or figures. While most predictions center around Uncle Howdy (Taylor Rotunda, FKA Bo Dallas) perhaps in some sort of new stable, there haven't been any clear-cut giveaways to that end just yet.


Tonight, as Chad Gable took the ring to address his actions after an Intercontinental Championship match with Sami Zayn last week, similar images to others we've seen in previous weeks — the glyph of Pluto and, an image of a raven — hit the screen, followed by a QR code. That link led to an interactive landing page at the, where the text "You will bear witness. Begin the endless crawl. Type the number of sense organs. And you shall behold all." Entering the number five renders more text, "Preparing your invitation," and the a call-to-action to "Proceed." That button takes the user to another page,, where a video is hosted.

The video leads with various old school graphics saying, "Coming soon," before cutting to a shot of a creepy house, where a figure throws a note on the front porch that says, "Remember who you are." The figure (seemingly holding the camera) then retreats before another series of images — different variations of the glyph and the raven, plus a shrouded figure and a lot else that is difficult to see clearly. In numerology, the number five, prominent on that first landing page and the answer to the question leading to the second page, often represents freedom, curiosity, and change but beyond that, the clues don't seem to be meant to be too revealing at this point, all still very reminiscent of the buildup to the late Bray Wyatt's 2022 return.