WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Opens Up About His Trademark Hot Takes

As a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T's opinion carries a lot of weight, and he's not afraid to share his takes throughout each week, whether that be on his own "Hall of Fame" podcast, guesting elsewhere, or even as color commentator on "WWE NXT." Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," Booker was paid a compliment by fellow Hall of Famer Mark Henry, who expressed his appreciation for Booker's ability to communicate his feelings to people through his words in the context of professional wrestling.


To do so, Booker said, the key is to approach things genuinely, and from a place of positivity, as others before him did while he was coming up in the business. "I give a lot of hot takes throughout the week," Booker explained, "but I stand by everything that I say. I never say anything that I can't say in somebody's face. I'm never gonna down somebody or try to put somebody down. I'm always trying to lift somebody up. I'm about giving constructive criticism to these young guys [out there] trying to do this because to make it to that next level," he added, "if you think you can do it by yourself, [you're] all wrong."

Booker cites himself as the perfect example for needing help as he rose up the ranks, claiming, "I needed a whole team of people helping me to get to that next level. And not just to get [there but to stay there]." In particular, he credits first-ever Black World Champion Ron Simmons, for setting the example. "Ron Simmons was my mentor, man," Booker added. "Ron was schooling me the whole time [to avoid any trouble that would prevent him from being] able to make history for that guy that's coming up behind me."


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