WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Says This NXT Star Sits Under The Learning Tree

In addition to his on-screen duties as a "WWE NXT" commentator, Booker T has also taken on a valuable backstage role as a mentor, often providing "NXT" talents with advice and guidance as they progress through WWE's developmental system. On a recent episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker supplied some insight into one of the "NXT" stars who has recently come under his tutelage — Lexis King.


"I spend a lot of time with Lexis in NXT, and he's a guy that I really feel like he's going to make that move to the next level just because he's sitting under the learning tree. He's smart," Booker said. "The guys are smart. They come and say, 'Hey Book, you mind getting with me and going [over some wrestling stuff]?' 'Yeah, I got you. I got your back.' Lexis King is one of those guys who definitely is under the learning tree."

Following a four-year stint in All Elite Wrestling, Lexis King (formerly Brian Pillman Jr.) officially signed on to WWE in the summer of 2023. Assigned to the "NXT" brand, King quickly established that he looked to carve an identity separate from that of his father – Brian Pillman Sr. Since then, King has boasted notable feuds with the likes of Von Wagner, Dragon Lee, and Trick Williams.


Outside of his work on "NXT," King recently accepted an invitation to compete at Booker's Reality of Wrestling promotion, specifically at the No Limits event on May 11. While his opponent has yet to be announced for the event, Booker is excited to see him in action at his independent promotion.

"He's not just a TV star, he's a superstar. He's all that, so I'm looking forward to getting Lexis King in," Booker said.

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