Video: An Emotional Tatum Paxley Reacts To Losing WWE NXT Women's Title Shot

"WWE NXT" Spring Breakin' Week One might have had one major success story in Trick Williams dethroning Ilja Dragunov, but the same could not be said about the NXT Women's Championship. Despite facing difficult odds in a Triple Threat, Roxanne Perez proved victorious against both Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley. In a backstage interview, Paxley was asked to share her thoughts following her loss.


"How am I feeling? I feel pain! I tried so hard and I was this close — I was so close to taking what is finally meant to be mine!" Paxley exclaimed. "And I cannot — cannot take one more second of that title not being mine." Paxley seemed very desperate to pick up a win, and expressed her desperation while making a bold claim that she would do anything to get the championship off Perez. "If I have to wait one more day for that title, I'm going to take my fingernails and gouge them so deep into my eyes so I don't even have to see Roxanne with my title anymore! But you want to know what? Even with two holes in my head, that won't stop me from finding my title. I am not done."


It remains to be seen if Paxley will ultimately dethrone Perez, but she seems to believe she will. According to reports, WWE higher-ups are very high on the NXT Women's Champion and there are major plans for her in the works. Naturally, this means she'll likely jump to the main roster soon enough, which could open the door for Paxley to finally capture "her" title.