WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Congratulates AEW Champ Swerve Strickland For Dynasty Win

AEW Dynasty saw the dawning of a new era, as Swerve Strickland became the new AEW World Champion after defeating Samoa Joe. In the process, Strickland became the first Black wrestler to win AEW's top prize, something Booker T was extremely happy about, as he stated on his "Hall of Fame" podcast that he is incredibly proud of the work Strickland has put in to get to the top.


"It's awesome man," Booker said. "Swerve is a hell of a worker, he deserves it, the guy's been grinding for a long time and now just to have that ... put to rest where you ain't got to think about it anymore you know? 'Are they going to look at me as a representative of this company? Am I world championship material? Is it going to happen? When is it going to happen?." Booker admitted that he was always asked when he was active when he thought a Black man would win the WWE Championship, but Strickland no longer has to worry about questions like that, as he has crossed the world title threshold. However, one of the reasons why Booker believes there hasn't been a lot of Black representation at the top of WWE and AEW cards is simply because few other Black wrestlers were performing on the level that Strickland is on right now.


"Other Black guys who have gotten in that position, I don't think we want that championship just handed to us because we're Black," Booker explained. "I think we want that championship because we're just as good as anybody in the locker room, and we want to be looked at as just as good as anybody in that locker room. That's why when I look at Swerve Strickland, I say this kid deserves it because he's just as good as anybody in that damn locker room."

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