Video: WWE Stars Shayna Baszler & Lola Vice Remain Coy On NXT Underground Prep

Lola Vice has a new ally heading into next week's "WWE NXT" Underground match against Natalya. Vice revealed she would have MMA fighter and former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Shayna Baszler in her corner at "NXT Spring Breakin'" night two. In an exclusive backstage video, Baszler was unwilling to share the duo's preparation for next week's hybrid rules match, so as not to give Natalya an advantage.


"We're not giving that stuff away on camera ... I'm the submission magician. She's got the fastest hands in "NXT." Go from there," Baszler said, telling the interviewer to do the math herself. Natalya will be going into the "NXT" Underground Match with "NXT" upstart Karmen Petrovic in her corner. Natalya and Petrovic teamed up to help the "NXT" rookie fight back against the dastardly Vice. Vice recently cost Natalya a chance at the NXT Women's Championship, one of the few titles Natalya has yet to hold in her lengthy WWE career.


Tuesday's match is notable for being the first time two women will compete in an Underground match. Initially debuted as "Raw Underground" by Shane McMahon as a way to liven the Monday night program up, the match can only be won by knockout or submission. The ring ropes are removed, and WWE superstars stand around the ring, keeping competitors in the ring and pounding the mat throughout the MMA/pro wrestling fusion. The match was brought to "NXT" where recently Eddy Thorpe took on Dijak, with Dijak successful over the former NJPW Young Lions Cup Winner.