Former Women's Champion Returns To WWE NXT To Corner Lola Vice

Natalya may have Karmen Petrovic in her corner for her upcoming "NXT" Underground match against Lola Vice next week on night two of "WWE NXT's" Spring Breakin' special, but Vice won't be coming to the fight alone. 


During a contract signing ahead of the match on this week's episode, after Natalya and Vice had both signed the contract given to them by "NXT" General Manager Ava in the middle of the ring, Vice revealed that "WWE Raw" talent, two-time NXT Women's Champion, and former MMA star Shayna Baszler had been training her ahead of the fight, and will be in her corner next week. Vice also has an MMA background herself, which Natalya said she respected in her promo after signing her name on the contract. Petrovic knocked "The Queen of Spades" out of the ring to end the segment, and Natalya sent Vice into the crowd.

Natalya and Vice started feuding in "NXT" when the veteran answered an open challenge set forth by Vice back in March. Natalya said she was setting out to humble Vice, and ended up defeating her with a roll-up pin. The feud continued to heat up after Vice took on Petrovic with Natalya in her corner, and came to a head when the "Raw" star challenged Vice to an Underground match last week.


Initially a "Raw" concept created by Shane McMahon in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic, the match will see the ropes around the ring removed for the women to do battle. The match type is supposed to give off a "Fight Club" like feel, often compared to Bloodsport, and there are no pinfall victories. This will be the first women's NXT Underground match, with the last match with the stipulation taking place back in December when Dijak was defeated by Eddie Thorpe.