Video: WWE Star Lola Vice Has Words For Natalya Before Their NXT Underground Match

WWE veteran Natalya returned to "WWE NXT" this year, leading to a heated feud with the 2023 Women's Breakout Tournament Winner, Lola Vice. The two are now set to go head-to-head in week 2 of the "NXT" Spring Breakin' event. Ahead of their contract signing this week, Vice cut a brief promo on social media, where she threatened the former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, reminding Nattie of her MMA background.


"Natalya, in this wrestling world, you are a legend. I'll give you that. But come NXT Underground, you're entering my world, and you're gonna find out why these fists have three first-round knockouts, and you're about to be the fourth. And when it's all said and done, I'm gonna have you laying flat on your face just like Justin Gaethje. See you soon, mama," said Vice.

Many fans were puzzled when Natalya returned to "NXT," largely because she's been in WWE for so long and is a multi-time Women's Champion. She recently revealed that she jumped at the opportunity because she considers her original run in "NXT" as the point of her career with the greatest moments. Additionally, she explained that she also wanted to work with the young talent on the brand, specifically reigning NXT Women's Champion, Roxanne Perez.


Despite her years of experience in WWE, Natalya may be the underdog heading into the NXT Underground match, considering that the match has the potential to give some legitimacy to her opponent, Lola Vice, who is a former MMA star.