WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash On How AEW Should Handle Will Ospreay

WWE legend Kevin Nash has revealed his thoughts on how AEW should book Will Ospreay going forward. 

In a recent episode of "Kliq This," Nash expressed that Ospreay should win the AEW World Championship later this year, stating how they should transition him into becoming the face of AEW. "See, Ospreay's their star. If Wembley's the show in September, you got to crown Ospreay there and that should be your number one goal, is to make him the face of your company because he's 'the guy.'" 


Although Nash praised Ospreay for his ability in the ring and his star power, he criticized his current body figure stating that "The Aerial Assassin" needs to work on his physique. He gave the example of WWE star AJ Styles, comparing "The Phenomenal One's" physique to that of the AEW star.

"Though at the same time, I watched a little bit of Smackdown and I watched AJ and it's like Ospreay needs to get in better shape ... everybody looks like indie guys because no one looks like they take care of themselves. He just turned 30, yeah, c'mon, man." 

Nash also named WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar as a star Ospreay would benefit from stepping inside the ring with, arguing that a match with him would improve Ospreay's ability to sell. "He's fun to watch, he would be so great to watch against somebody like a Lesnar because he needs kind of a Goliath to pound the sh*t out of him ... you can't sell an uppercut and take a flat back and then take another uppercut and kick up into a move, everything's got to be sold the same." 


Ospreay recently defeated Bryan Danielson at "AEW Dynasty" where "The American Dragon" seemed to have suffered an injury, leading Ospreay to retire one of his trademark moves. 

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