Will Ospreay Sends Positive Vibes To Bryan Danielson After Brutal AEW Dynasty Match

The wrestling world is still talking about AEW Dynasty, in particular the dream match between Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson, which many have considered to be not just one of the best matches of the year so far, but one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time. Ospreay and Danielson wrestled for over 30 minutes in front of the St. Louis crowd, with Ospreay being the one to walk out victorious. However, he had to help carry his opponent out of the ring after the dust had settled. Ospreay hit Danielson with the Storm Driver '91, which almost required doctors to stop the match to check on "The American Dragon," but Ospreay didn't see the doctors at ringside and hit his Hidden Blade finishing move to get the win.


The fact that Ospreay felt that he may have just cut the career of one of heroes short has clearly been on his mind since Dynasty went off the air, which was evident in his most recent post on X (formerly known as Twitter) where he not only thanked the St. Louis crowd, but also sent a heartfelt message to his opponent.

"Thank you so much for that incredible atmosphere last night," Ospreay wrote. "That was nothing I have ever felt before in my life. Sending all the love and positive vibes to Bryan Danielson. Truly the greatest to ever do this, speedy recovery boss."


Ospreay has also revealed that he plans to retire the Storm Driver '91 following his match with Danielson after seeing the damage that it can cause when things go wrong isn't worth the risk involved performing it in the first place.