Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer Discuss FTC Ruling Banning Non-Compete Clauses

A ruling by the FTC earlier this week regarding the end of certain non-compete clauses raised eyebrows in pro wrestling, with some wondering if this could bring about the end of the vaunted 90-day non-compete clause. The topic was brought up on Wednesday's episode of "Busted Open Radio," where two-time Hall of Fame Bully Ray stated the potential end of non-competes was a positive for the industry overall.


"If the FTC's ruling is final, if this is it, it's great, because now if you stop working on a Monday, you can be gainfully employed within days in the wrestling business," Bully said. "Like a Cameron Grimes for instance, right? If he got let go just yesterday, and all of a sudden, TNA for instance, because he was Trevor Lee there, decided 'Hey, let's bring him back immediately. He can be at the next set of TV tapings, or he can be at the next PPV, and we don't have to worry about this 90-day red tape.' It's pretty simple."

Bully's co-host, Tommy Dreamer, was a bit more reserved, believing a more interesting conversation was in regards to wrestlers potentially unionizing down the road. He also noted that wrestlers released by WWE did have the right to waive the 90-day clause and hit the open market sooner.


"You get paid for those 90 days," Dreamer said. "You also, as a talent, can forgo those 90 days of pay and go work somewhere else. That is an option. When I left WWE, I quit, they still offered me the pay, and I took it. And I quit...So if you wanted to technically...are you going to give up your weekly salary to try to go somewhere else? Or 'Hey, I can literally sit home for 90 days and get paid.'"

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