AEW's Jeff Jarrett Explains How Bryan Danielson Sets Himself Apart

There aren't many wrestlers in the history of the business who can claim to have had a more successful career than AEW star Bryan Danielson. "The American Dragon" has been considered one of the greatest of his generation since his early days in ROH, and he has grown into being considered possibly the best to ever do it. However, he was defeated at AEW Dynasty by a man who also claims he is one of the greatest in Will Ospreay, during a match many are claiming to be the best of the year so far.


Someone who has been a fan of Danielson for years is Jeff Jarrett, who assessed on his "My World" podcast why Danielson is considered one of the greatest of all time. "Yes, he can do all kinds of moves and all this, but to me, his timing and storytelling sets him apart." Jarrett then assessed what separates Ospreay from the rest of the pack. "Then, along comes Will Ospreay, and I'm not saying he's just come along because he's been grinding and doing what he needs to do, and his Japan career speaks for itself. Now he stepped into the AEW world, I don't think athletic-wise he has a peer. He can do things candidly that other guys can't, and I also think he does the subtleties and the nuances."

Like many, Jarrett praised the match at Dynasty, and believes that there is still more to come between the two men in the future. "The match has already taken place, but I'm still hyped about AEW. The brand, we presented a professional wrestling match that you can't see anywhere else," Jarrett said. "I'm trying to give descriptors to it, but man, it was one for the ages ... I can't wait to see the rematch."


Please credit "My World" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.