WWE Star Jey Uso Assesses The State Of The Bloodline

WWE star and former Bloodline member Jey Uso has revealed who is, in his eyes, the real Tribal Chief of the Anoaʻi family.

Following WrestleMania 40, Solo Sikoa removed Jimmy Uso from the Bloodline, while inducting Tama Tonga to the group and assuming the group's leadership in the absence of Reigns and The Rock. Uso, in his interview with "Gorilla Position," discussed Solo Sikoa seemingly taking over the reins from Roman Reigns as the "Tribal Chief." 


"For me, Roman Reigns will always be my Tribal Chief. I learned from him. He's the one who brought us to the promised land," said Uso. "Now the snakes want to step up. Solo Sikoa is a big hitter. I'm glad I'm not on Fridays no more. I do my thing on Monday, I'm going to let that family drama down over there, as long as they keep it on SmackDown, I'll be alright."

The "Raw" star believes a match between "Team Rock" and "Team Roman" at Survivor Series — which has been pitched by many, including Bully Ray — would be amazing and stated that the fans would love it. Jey was also asked if he had envisioned being a singles star or if he thought he would team with his brother, Jimmy, for the rest of his career.


"No, I literally thought we were going to be a tag team forever," Jey stated. "[I thought] We were going to be the best tag team in WWE. I would have been happy [being in a tag team] but just seeing how it's in my vision now, it's down the road, I can be a singles star. [I thought] 'Oh, they're with me.' Yeet, the music, the colors, it's all working. Now I'm able to be a World Heavyweight Champion against Damian Priest."

Jey will get the opportunity to win his first singles title in WWE at Backlash France next month when he faces World Heavyweight Champion, Damian Priest.