GUNTHER Offers Words Of Wisdom After Imperium Implosion On WWE Raw

While the relationship between Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci seemed to be somewhat patched up, a loss to the New Day caused that proverbial patch to be ripped wide open again. After New Day's Xavier Woods pinned Vinci on "WWE RAW" this week, Kaiser offered him a comforting pat on the back. As it turns out, though, that gesture was merely a facade, as Kaiser dramatically turned on Vinci and repeatedly attacked him outside of the ring. Imperium's leader, GUNTHER, has since weighed in on this implosion by lending Vinci and Kaiser some words of wisdom.


"Adjust or get left behind," GUNTHER wrote on X (formerly Twitter), accompanied with a photo of him and Kaiser walking ahead of Vinci on "Raw."

Much like Kaiser, GUNTHER was far from pleased with Imperium taking a loss from The New Day on "Raw" this week. Following Imperium's defeat, GUNTHER, who was watching the bout beside the commentary desk, threw his chair against the nearby barricade. Before he made his way to the backstage area, alone, "The Ring General" then promptly issued a disapproving stare to Kaiser.

With Imperium now effectively broken up and his Intercontinental Championship reign recently put to an end, GUNTHER will now pivot his focus to the 2024 King of the Ring tournament, which is set to culminate at the eponymous premium live event on May 25. The futures of Kaiser and Vinci, on the other hand, remain uncertain. With the 2024 WWE Draft looming, though, Kaiser and Vinci may soon be presented with new storylines and new opportunities, post-Imperium.