Tommy Dreamer Discusses Blurred Lines From AEW Dynamite Segment

The latest episode of "AEW Dynamite" came to a close with Jack Perry shockingly attacking AEW CEO Tony Khan, with Matthew and Nicholas Jackson of the Young Bucks joining Perry in the ring and delivering their finishing piledriver on the executive. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio" the morning after "Dynamite," former WWE star Tommy Dreamer relayed his feelings on the segment.


"Tony Khan was a sympathetic character last night," Dreamer said. "Everybody has their opinions and says stuff about the guy online, but last night — if you think about babyface 101, where did they take the guy out? In his hometown. ... It got heat for this group. It was good."

Now it's up to Khan and the rest of the creative team to follow up on Wednesday's angle satisfyingly. According to Dreamer, one of the biggest challenges of booking wrestling in the modern era is having to contend with the audience's expectations regarding the relationship between reality and onscreen storylines, and Wednesday's segment did an excellent job of blurring those lines.

"They showed real-life footage and turned it into an angle," Dreamer continued. "Everyone who was up in arms about it — you got worked."


Moving forward, Dreamer wants to see AEW position top babyfaces such as Eddie Kingston in alignment against The Elite. Because of the group's positions of power within AEW, the storyline can see the Young Bucks abusing their status by threatening to fire those who oppose them before eventually getting their comeuppance. As for the further involvement of Khan, Dreamer said that he hopes the CEO takes a step back from onscreen appearances to sell the severity of Wednesday's attack.

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