Booker T Reacts To Becky Lynch Winning Battle Royal For Women's Title On WWE Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has provided his thoughts on Becky Lynch winning the battle royal for the Women's World Championship on "WWE Raw". On "The Hall of Fame", Booker explained how becoming a champion in WWE elevates your responsibilities, and believes that Lynch is a wrestler that the company can trust and rely on to handle that pressure.


"When the company chooses their champions, they choose the ones they know they can trust. The ones that they know will be able to get the job done at all costs, then again I'm not just talking about in the ring," Booker explained. "Being champion is a full-time responsibility, it's like have having a stethoscope on and you got to be ready to go, on-call 24/7, like a doctor, that's the way it is, I'm serious and they know they can trust Becky Lynch ... you're not going to find a better general in WWE or any other company, male or female, than Becky Lynch." 

Booker also listed one female superstar he would've liked to see win the Women's World Championship aside from Lynch. "Becky was the right choice alright. I like Liv Morgan and I would've loved Nia Jax to get a piece of the action or the rub as well." Lynch will be kicking off her new title reign on "WWE Raw" as all current main roster champions will be brand-protected as part of the new rules for the 2024 WWE Draft. The draft begins Friday, April 26, and will continue on Monday, April 29, with both rosters officially locking on May 6.