AEW's Adam Copeland Contrasts His Initial And Current Runs In Pro Wrestling

On "Mostly Sports", Adam Copeland was asked about the differences between his initial run in WWE as Edge compared to his current run in AEW, to which Copeland replied, "I've lived a lot more life and as strange as that sounds, it actually does add to your utility belt out there. As a performer, any kind of performer, whether it's musician writing music, whether it's an actor and they got to dip into some place of their actual self to pull the character off, it's the same with wrestling ... I did I think over 100 episodes of television in that time that I was retired, so you kind of try to pull those things back with you, and I think that's the biggest difference." 


Copeland also provided insight about how he feels mentally at this stage in his career, while continuing to explain that he doesn't want to overstay his welcome in AEW, and is thinking about how long he can keep wrestling. "I might not be as fast as I used to be but I feel like mentally I'm better than I've ever been ... I'm also a realist and I don't want to be that guy that sticks around to the point where a young guy looks at the sheet and goes "ah okay, I got to wrestle him tonight", I don't want to be that guy right? I want young guys to still be excited if they're going to hop in there with me. So I figured maybe I got a year and a half left ya know? Give or take." 

Copeland's most recent match was at "AEW Dynasty," where he teamed with Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe in a losing effort to House of Black