Update On Ticket Sales For AEW All In 2024 At Wembley Stadium

All Elite Wrestling will be looking to replicate the success of 2023's All In London event when the company returns to Wembley Stadium on August 25. The company announced at the very end of the 2023 event that they would be returning to the English capital the following year, with Khan looking to make the marquee event a tradition in AEW's calendar. However, it will likely be tough to beat the 81,035 tickets distributed for the 2023 event. 


According to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the 2024 event is already selling well, despite it being four months away at the time of writing. Meltzer stated that All In 2024 has recently topped 41,000 tickets sold, which is currently set to be the third largest wrestling event in the history of England after All In 2023, and WWE Summerslam from 1992. If the entire United Kingdom was included, it would be the fourth largest event as WWE's 2022 Clash At The Castle event in Wales would take the third spot.

According to WrestleTix, the arena is currently set up to hold just over 50,000 fans as not all sections of Wembley Stadium have been put on sale. On top of this, the site map shows a different stage setup to 2023 as a larger entrance ramp is currently set to be situated at one of the goal-ends of the stadium, as opposed to the 2023 set up where the entrance ramp was situated in front of the Wembley dugout. This means that the eventual final setup will likely not surpass last year's 81,035 record, but with four months to go and a lot of big things still set to unfold in All Elite Wrestling, All In 2024 could end up being the most successful event in company history.