Eric Bischoff Reflects On AEW's Decision To Show CM Punk And Jack Perry's Backstage Altercation

Last week saw the payoff to AEW's decision to air footage of CM Punk and Jack Perry's altercation at All In. Perry returned at AEW Dynasty following an eight-month hiatus after his incident, aiding the Young Bucks in winning the AEW Tag Team Championship, before re-appearing during "AEW Dynamite" to attack Tony Khan alongside the Bucks and Okada. Eric Bischoff made it clear during his "83 Weeks" podcast that he wasn't a fan of the segment, and though he conceded that the airing of the footage now makes sense, he doubled down on his dislike for the angle. 


"Showing that footage makes sense, I'll give you that," he started. "It doesn't change the fact it was a f***ing horrible idea to show the footage. Yes, there was a reason for it, the reason for it is to lay out this f***ing horrible angle that's not going to get anybody over."

Bischoff's criticisms of last week's "Dynamite" weren't limited to the closing segment either, "The entire show was the sh***s. Some of it worse than others. I would refer to it as indie-riffic but that would be an insult to every indie promoter around the world." 

Eric Bischoff has been particularly cynical of AEW and Tony Khan for a while now, and he didn't buck the trend here. However, he did emphasize in closing that he laid no blame on the talent, recognizing that they were doing their jobs and he wouldn't respect them if they did otherwise.