Matt Hardy Reacts To AEW Champ Swerve Strickland Winning Title At Dynasty

AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland is flying high in All Elite Wrestling following his victory over Samoa Joe at Dynasty. Strickland became the first black AEW World Champion and has got the crowds across North America firmly in his corner. Someone who is also very happy for him is former AEW star Matt Hardy, who took to his "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast to reveal what he thought about Strickland being the world champion


"Very happy for him man," Hardy said. "I like him a lot as a performer and as a person, so I was very, very happy that he was able to get this match, and that now it is official and he is the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, I'm just proud of him man." 

Hardy explained that Strickland being AEW's top guy is very inspirational for black people in wrestling as it shows that skin color isn't a factor when it comes to being a world champion.Hardy also made sure to give Joe his flowers for doing such a great job as the AEW World Champion in recent months, before weighing in on why he thinks Strickland has had such an organic swell of support behind him in recent months. 

"He was with WWE right? Then he was cut, he was released, and then he was able to have an opportunity at AEW," Hardy explained. "They brought him in, and he starts rocking and rolling and you can see how talented he is. He's also very charismatic, he does music, he has a whole bunch of other interests too, he's a very well-rounded performer when it comes to everything, and then he's just a hell of a guy." 


Hardy explained that Strickland could have sat at home after his WWE release and focused on his other interests, but the fact that he never gave up resonated with people and that has paid off massively for him.

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