Trick Williams Says He Aspires To Connect With WWE Universe Like This Current Champ

Trick Williams is the new WWE NXT Champion after defeating his rival Ilja Dragunov on the April 23 Spring Breakin' episode of "WWE NXT." While continuing to build his legacy, Williams has countless former champions to aspire after, both from within NXT and other areas of WWE. Making an appearance on "The Bump" following his victory, Williams was asked to speak about the influence of one champion in particular — Women's World Champion Becky Lynch.


"The people love [Lynch] and that's what I aspire to be in my career," Williams said. "Having that relationship with the people while I'm doing my thing — it feels good to have all that support."

Both Williams and Lynch are coming off significant title wins in the weeks following WWE WrestleMania 40. Just one night before Williams defeated Dragunov, Lynch won a battle royale to become the new Women's World Champion. The previous champion, Rhea Ripley, was forced to vacate the title due to injury just days after she successfully defended the Women's World Championship against Lynch at WrestleMania.

In terms of connecting with the audience the way that Lynch does, Williams is well on his way. Following his title victory, the crowd had a massive reaction, which Williams also responded to during his appearance.


"That's electricity circulating through the building," Williams continued. "The fact that I can make a room jump like that — that's just crazy. No lie, when I hop in the ring [and] when I do my entrance, it turns into a nightclub. ... And when I win, the people — they just can't wait."

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