Ladder Match Legend Matt Hardy Weighs In On AEW Dynasty Tag Title Match

Pro wrestling legend Matt Hardy has reached many milestones across his lengthy career, but is undoubtedly best known for his extreme matches alongside his brother Jeff, The Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian which often involved tables, ladders, and chairs. Speaking on "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the veteran gave his take on The Young Bucks' ladder match against FTR at AEW Dynasty.


According to Hardy, the match was "very strong" and he praised the performances of both teams. "I think they really killed it as far as the way they portrayed heels in the match." He also seemed very pleased with how gritty the Bucks were and praised them for the way they portrayed heels who were out to win no matter what.

Hardy claims he texted the Bucks after the match due to wondering how badly they were beaten up. He then recalled jokingly suggesting that the men now had "heat' with their own bodies for putting it through a beating. "They said they were doing okay but yes, they were pretty beat up and I imagine both guys were –- them and FTR."

On the topic of Jack Perry's return during the bout, Hardy also praised the spot, citing how thrilled he was to see security involved and the look on the AEW star's face when they pulled off his mask. "That was just...that was perfection. That was so good. And the crowd reaction to him was really good as well."


Hardy is officially a free agent after leaving AEW. While he hasn't ruled out returning to the promotion, Hardy is currently focused on TNA after appearing at Rebellion.

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