Ric Flair Discusses Charlotte's Prep Ahead Of WWE Return

The WWE Women's locker room seems to be doing better than it has compared to the past few years, but it's notably been missing Charlotte Flair, who has been injured since December 2023. Her father, the legendary Ric Flair, recently appeared on "Busted Open Radio" where he updated everyone on her road to recovery, and gushed about his daughter's ability in the ring. 


"I think she's the greatest. I think she's arguably one of the two or three best wrestlers, period, in the company," Flair said. "And she looks better physically now than she did when she started. I mean, she's so committed to meal plans and her workouts."

In light of her recovery, Flair echoed the reports about Charlotte's recovery that claim that she's ahead of her rehab timeline. Despite this, he urged her to keep to the doctor's timeline no matter how she feels. 

"She's so far ahead now in this rehab," Flair explained, "but she just has to, you know, keep it in mind that she's gotta follow Dr.'s dues and orders, and it's got to be a nine-month recovery, no matter how good she feels." The former World Heavyweight Champion further emphasized how important it is for Charlotte to make sure she's healed 100%, due to her high-risk arsenal of moves. 


"To be the athlete that she wants to be and do all these Corkscrew Moonsaults and stuff like that, she's got to be at a hundred percent," Flair concluded.

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