WWE Star Lyra Valkyria Reacts To Being Drafted To Raw, Puts Roster On Notice

Capturing authentic emotion and what appeared to be legitimate surprise in most cases, it's hard to argue against "WWE NXT" call-ups being the best part of the WWE Draft. Former NXT Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria's reaction to getting drafted to "WWE Raw" on Monday is a great example, as captured by WWE's post on X featuring an interview with Jackie Redmond in front of her "NXT" peers.


After Redmond congratulated her and commented that she looked "so surprised," Valkyria quickly admitted that some shock was indeed part of her reaction. "I'm very surprised," she said before repeating as much for emphasis. "I have to just say this," she added. "Let me say it once. Lyra Valkyria is 'WWE Raw.' Lyra Valkyria is going to 'Raw!'" Redmond then recounted Valkyria's 165-day run as NXT Women's Champion, which got the crowd of fellow "NXT" stars (and some fans) chanting her name as well as "You deserve it!" which an emotional Valkyria did not let go unnoticed. "[This] means absolutely everything to me," she said. "Thank you so much to everyone here. I can't believe my 'NXT' time is over. How can I leave this?"


Of course, Valkyria now has new business at hand come May 6, when WWE has announced the new rosters will be locked in, and the master of the Nightwish quickly put her new "Raw" counterparts on notice. "To the women of the 'Raw' locker room, I just have one thing to say. I'm a former NXT Women's Champion. I've already conquered this world and now on Monday nights, I'm coming to conquer yours."