Photos: Newly Minted WWE Raw Star IYO SKY Shares Backstage Snaps

With the recent WWE Draft, the promotion has been shaken up a bit. Former WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY is now back on "WWE Raw," and it seems like the star couldn't be more thrilled. In a recent social media post, SKY shared a few backstage pictures of her at "Raw" and asked fans whether she should bring back the #MondayNightIYO hashtag. "Is it time to reactivate this hashtag? #MondayNightIYO"


Currently, SKY is still aligned with Damage CTRL, with their only two title holders still being Asuka and Kairi Sane. The Women's Tag Team Champions have had issues with Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill, which will likely continue on "WWE SmackDown," since Belair and Cargill were drafted there. It remains to be seen if the Damage CTRL faction will last the year, with former leader Bayley now turfed, and SKY having lost her gold.

Unfortunately for SKY, it doesn't seem like she'll have her retribution against Bayley, who dethroned her during WrestleMania 40. The feud might possibly be picked up again down the line, but it seems like the new champion, Bayley, is moving on. Despite this, during a backstage interview after her victory, Bayley expressed regret for how her friendship with SKY fell apart, describing her victory as "bittersweet." Only time will tell if she'll be in the title picture anytime soon, but considering that she's on "Raw" now, she'll have to go toe-to-toe with none other than "The Man," Becky Lynch, who recently captured the Women's World Championship after a grueling Battle Royal.