Video: CM Punk Autographs Young WWE Fan's Hilarious Sign, Drew McIntyre Weighs In

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre seem to be a long way from squashing the beef between them, especially after Punk brutally called McIntyre out during last night's "WWE Raw." With the two men now drafted to the same brand, tensions will likely continue to rise. Punk currently seems to be positioning himself as a man of the people, and recently interacted with a young fan who took a lighthearted shot at him. In a backstage interaction, Punk ran up to a young fan with a "CM Poop" crowd sign and seemed thrilled by her taunt. Punk then autographed her sign, introduced himself to her and her friends after posing for a picture with them, and thanked them for making it. "I'm going to sign that poster! CM Poop? Oh my God! I appreciate the effort!"


Naturally, since WWE shared the clip, McIntyre caught wind of it and took the moment as a chance to make fun of his adversary. In another callback to Punk's infamous AEW All Out post-show media scrum rant, McIntyre twisted the "Second City Saint's" words and took another shot at him. "You're hurt, you're old, and you get bullied by children."

While he's off the brace, Punk likely still has a few months before he can get back into the ring, which means that it could still take some time before fans see these two get physical again. However, until then, the budding feud seems to be highly anticipated by fans, since many are interacting with McIntyre's posts directed at Punk.