Chad Gable Goes Off After Another WWE Raw Attack On Sami Zayn

Chad Gable snapped recently, as the Alpha Academy leader was sick of coming up short in his quest for the Intercontinental Championship, first from Gunther and now from Sami Zayn. Gable unleashed his wrath on Zayn during last night's "WWE Raw." On social media, the former 24/7 Champion explained his actions.


"Once again, Sami had it coming," Gable wrote over pictures of him attacking Zayn as Bronson Reed looked on helplessly. "Who among you would allow someone to blindside you with a kick you in the face and not retaliate?⁣ That would make you a COWARD. ⁣And there's nothing I hate more than a COWARD." Gable's attack cost Reed the match against the Intercontinental Champion, giving Zayn a DQ victory over the mammoth Australian.


Zayn defeated Gunther on Night 1 of WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA, ending the Australian superstar's historic reign as champion, much to the chagrin of Gable, who initially rooted for Zayn, only to attack him after an unsuccessful title challenge in the champion's hometown. Gable has been constantly giving himself kudos for doing what he sees as standing up for himself ever since the change in attitude. Gable, along with his compatriots in Alpha Academy, was drafted to the "Raw" brand on Friday night's edition of the 2024 WWE Draft, ensuring that Zayn will be stuck with Gable's presence for the next year or so, as the Intercontinental Champion was barred from changing brands like all other champions during the draft.