Bully Ray Says This AEW Star Should Replace Tony Khan As Head Booker

AEW President Tony Khan is a very busy man. He runs two wrestling companies, is a strategist for an NFL team, and is the director of football for Fulham F.C. in the English Premier League, so it's no surprise that people have speculated on whether Khan could hand his booking pencil to someone else in order to make his life easier. WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray touched on this topic and who could potentially replace Khan as AEW's booker when he was a recent guest on Eric Bischoff's "Wise Choices" podcast.


"I'm not suggesting that anybody be the booker instead of Tony Khan," Bully said. "What I'm suggesting is Tony Khan be more open-minded to the veterans and the creative minds that are around him, and been there, and done that." Bully explained that he sees Khan as less of a booker and more of a matchmaker in that Khan puts together fantastic matches for one-off pairings, with Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson's match from AEW Dynasty being used as an example, but he can't seem to plan too far ahead.

Bully also stated that all the great bookers throughout wrestling history have sat under the learning tree of another booker, something Khan hasn't done. So when coming up with someone who could replace Khan, Bully looked to someone he has shared many a locker room with. "If there was a gun to my head and I had to hand Tony's pencil to another person, I would hand it to somebody who had experience as a booker, or somebody who had sat under the learning tree of a booker. I.E. Dustin Rhodes." Khan has said he has no intention of stopping anytime soon, but has acknowledged he can't keep up his current workload forever.


Please credit "Wise Choices" when using quotes from his article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.