AEW Commentator Taz Provides Health Update, Offers Warning To Today's Wrestlers

It's been over twenty years since Taz's time as an in-ring competitor, with the former ECW World Champion now choosing to spend his days as a beloved member of AEW's commentary team. Even now though, Taz is still feeling the effects of his wrestling days, to the point that he'll eventually need to have several issues taken care of in the form of major procedures.


On X Wednesday afternoon, Taz posted about a recent meeting he had with "a highly acclaimed orthopedic surgeon" over his knee. Explaining that he had been in pain over the last several years, Taz stated that a series of x-rays and tests revealed that he would need knee replacement surgery on both of his knees and shoulder replacement surgery on both of his shoulders as well.

This doesn't mean that Taz will be stepping away from the AEW booth, however, as he further informed his followers that he would currently not be opting to have any surgeries done, and would instead attempt other "regenerating procedures" to avoid going under the knife. In doing so, Taz acknowledged he would "try to suck it up dealing with the pain" for the immediate future.


Taz stressed that the cause of his numerous injuries wasn't from the accumulation of bumps in the ring, but rather from, as he described it, "training like a caveman trying to be 'big.'" As such, the "Human Suplex Machine" used the rest of his tweet to try and impart advice to modern-day wrestlers, asking them to be smarter in how they trained and managed their bodies while noting that "times had changed for the better" in regards to expectations regarding wrestler's appearances.