Tony Khan On Possibility Of Jacksonville Jaguars Players Getting Involved In AEW

In addition to various roles held under the umbrella of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan is also actively involved in the National Football League, where he serves as the Chief Football Strategy Officer for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Given his ties to the professional wrestling and football worlds, Khan was recently asked about the possibility of seeing those two worlds crossover — more specifically, the idea of bringing some of the Jaguars players into an AEW ring. 


"I would love that. I think that's a great thing," Khan told "TMZ Sports." "I know some of the Jaguars players were very upset about what happened to me, and that's something to keep an eye on too. I think that the Jaguars players follow AEW really closely. A lot of the NFL players follow it. Every week on the road, people come up to me people at the stadiums, all kinds of people. Whether it's the opposing coaches and opposing players, the security at the stadiums, the people working the concessions, every week in the NFL, whether it's here in Jacksonville or when I go on the road, people always come up and talk about AEW. And it's one of those things that's really amazed my dad [Shahid Khan]. He was not a big wrestling fan coming into this, and he's become a fan of AEW. He really enjoys watching it."


While it remains to be seen if any of the Jacksonville Jaguars players will step into an AEW ring, the team's owner (and Tony Khan's father), Shahid Khan, already has. This particular development unfolded on the April 24 episode of "AEW Dynamite" after The Young Bucks nailed Tony with a "Tony Khan Driver" (formerly known as the "Meltzer Driver") in the show's closing segment. With Tony lying motionless in the center of the ring, Shahid, along with several AEW staff members, then rushed down to check on him.

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