Video: GUNTHER Receives Hometown Welcome At WWE Show In Vienna, Austria

WWE star GUNTHER has quickly become one of the most respected stars on the roster, especially after his monstrous run as the Intercontinental Champion. However, due to being from Europe, GUNTHER has had few chances to experience a hometown hero's welcome, but finally got to during a recent house show in Vienna, Austria. The "Ring General" recently took to social media, where he shared a clip of his entrance during the show, and how the crowd absolutely erupted as he made his way to the ring.


With his 666-day Intercontinental Championship reign now over, GUNTHER has announced his intention to win the King of the Ring tournament, but many are in favor of him taking things up a notch and entering into a feud with Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes. Notably, both he and Ludwig Kaizer were recently drafted to "WWE Raw," after they expelled Giovanni Vinci from their stable.

One of their old rivals, Ilja Dragunov, has also been drafted to "Raw," which opens up a few possibilities for a storyline. Dragunov could either join Imperium and bolster their ranks for the time being, while getting himself over on the main roster. Or he could take on GUNTHER again, and reignite the heated feud he once had with the faction. Only time will tell, but for now, it seems like GUNTHER's popularity is only growing, and based on the way his hometown welcomed him, the star could be WWE's way of further cementing themselves in Austria and the rest of the Germanic European countries.