Former WWE & UFC Star Ronda Rousey To Write Adaptation Of Her Own Memoir For Netflix

Ronda Rousey is a woman who has done a lot in her life. She won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Judo, she is a former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion and Hall of Famer, and she is WWE Women's Triple Crown Champion, as she managed to win all three of the main roster's titles during her career. Outside of combat sports and professional wrestling, she is a published author, having already written two memoirs, with her most recent being "Our Fight," which was released in March 2024.


Now it seems Rousey is turning her attention to movies, more specifically screenwriting, as Deadline revealed that Rousey has closed a deal to write a biopic based on her two memoirs for Netflix. Paramount originally acquired the rights to Rousey's first memoir in 2015, but nothing ever came of the acquisition and the rights landed in the laps of Netflix, with the streaming service's executive Michelle Evans being a big fan of the project. When the movie was originally pitched, the idea was to have Rousey star since it is her story, but it now seems she will stick to writing the script, as the search for who will portray the former WWE and UFC champion begins in the coming months. Despite not playing herself in the movie, sources close to Deadline noted that Rousey fought extremely hard to make sure that she wrote the script without the assistance of a veteran screenwriter.


The movie is expected to adapt multiple details of Rousey's memoirs, including those regarding her infamous departure from UFC, her concussion issues, and the multiple backstage problems she had in WWE. The problems within WWE came under fire from former WWE commentator Jimmy Smith recently, as Smith claimed that Rousey is playing the victim as she was not a perfect person herself.