Fans Already Divided Over Drew Gulak's WWE Release

News of Drew Gulak's release from WWE has fans divided over the decision. Gulak was one of a number of cuts to the "WWE NXT" roster reported last night, with his departure coming not long after Ronda Rousey had detailed an unappreciated interaction with him backstage where he'd pulled at the drawstring on her sweatpants.


Gulak himself addressed the allegation, recognizing that it did happen as she had described, but reasoning he had been reaching for a handshake. Some questioned how a handshake attempt would lead into pulling at someone's trousers, and Gulak had been subsequently written off of TV after being "killed" by Tony D'Angelo and The Family. With Gulak's release hitting the internet, fans were quick to offer their own individual takes on the matter. Some sympathized with him, feeling that he had been treated poorly after eight years of employment. 

"Damn Drew Gulak had a job for life there. Wonder what he does now," wrote one Reddit user. Another said, "Did him so dirty." Others recognized that it may have been a matter of time after Rousey's allegation, although some felt he did no favors in giving credence to the incident. "I think it was over as soon as he mishandled his response to the Ronda Rousey accusations," another Reddit user opined. While it was also said, "The Gulak release seems like it came because they're [WWE] on their tiptoes right now and basically cannot have a whiff of bad PR. But does it feel fair? Not necessarily, unless the version of events he came out with were a bold faced lie." 


Fans on whether Drew Gulak could join another promotion

Gulak's release further provoked discussion regarding names who have also been accused of misconduct, but remain signed to WWE. Plenty made mention of Gable Steveson, accused of sexual assault in 2019 and seemingly avoiding charges through a technicality in Minnesota law, but he was subsequently reported to have been released too.


"The last thing WWE wants is anything to do with people who might be involved in misconduct towards women. Absolutely no strike policy right now. So I am not surprised at all that he was let go," one user wrote, provoking a reply about JD McDonagh, "The former Jordan Devlin says, 'That's not my name anymore please don't Google me.'" McDonagh, prior to his WWE-mandated name change, had been accused of physical abuse by a former partner in 2020, and subsequently suspended indefinitely by PROGRESS Wrestling. 

There were some quick to speculate whether Gulak would land with another major wrestling promotion, "He'll definitely be in AEW. Danielson loves the guy, and if Saraya can get her brother a job [I] don't see why Bryan can't for Gulak." And another said, "Ronda still pulling some strings. Jk. Drew seemed like a solid dude to be honest. Danielson prob[ably] calling him up [at the moment]." However, it was pointed out that signing him after Rousey's allegations could send the wrong message, "I seriously doubt it especially after TK keep [sic] bringing up the stuff in WWE. Plus they had Ronda on ROH so probably want to try and get her to make more appearances so won't do anything that could upset her."


Fans speculate about WWE investigation into Drew Gulak

Other users on social media had the chance to put their tin-foil hats on and speculate as to whether the allegations from Rousey had led to further investigation by WWE into Gulak, thus leading to his departure. "Does anyone else think there's something more to this story that we're not being told? ... If Ronda's telling the truth then firing him seems way out of proportion considering he took accountability for his actions. But if Gulak's telling the truth, then he really needs to work on his spacial awareness around women but again, with no real malice intended on his part, firing him also seems way out of proportion," one user expressed at length. Another added, "Either their investigation found something worse about him or they didn't want to risk any bad optics while they're dealing with the Vince s***. Wild way to flame out. Seemed so random." 


And the sentiment continued to be echoed, "I guess WWE found more evidence against him, was pretty dumb to admit to what Ronda accused him of in the first place." On the X and Instagram social platforms, there were many who took the side of Gulak after his release, going as far as blaming Rousey for his loss of employment. 

"Ronda Rousey cost Drew Gulak his job. Horrible person," one wrote. "This one hurts! Drew Gulak was a great addition to the WWE roster. He'll be missed. Thanks for the memories, Gulak!" added another. "All because Ronda wanted to lie for attention," was one of the more verbose takes along with, "Wow, Ronda really ruined [his] career, if I was Gulak I'd sue Ronda Rousey. He did nothing wrong."