WWE NXT Star Drew Gulak Makes Statement On Backstage Incident With Ronda Rousey

As the lawsuit against Vince McMahon alleging sex trafficking and abuse continues to move forward, stories of WWE's backstage culture over the years have continued to emerge. Among the most outspoken about WWE's culture is former WWE star Ronda Rousey, who has called out McMahon, Bruce Prichard, and several others for their previous behavior.


Rousey saved her most explosive revelation for a Tuesday appearance on "Banfield," where she claimed WWE star Drew Gulak grabbed the strings of her sweatpants and attempted to pull them as he walked by. The incident, which occurred in front of Bruce Prichard and a WWE writer, who showed no reaction, left Rousey taken aback by Gulak's actions, and she would later confront him over the incident, leading to Gulak apologizing.

One day after Rousey's "Banfield" appearance, Gulak responded, taking to X to give his version of events.

"Backstage at a WWE event in 2022, I saw Ronda talking with a group in the hallway," Gulak tweeted. "I stopped to say hi and shake all their hands, and in an attempt to shake her hand, I accidentally touched her drawstring. Complete accident, and one that I had apologized to her for the mishap."


Rousey has yet to comment regarding Gulak's version of events, while WWE has yet to acknowledge either Rousey or Gulak's statement. Signed by WWE following the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, Gulak currently works on WWE's "NXT" brand as the leader of the No Quarter Catch Crew stable. He most recently competed on "NXT" TV two weeks ago, defeating Riley Osborne in a Heritage Cup match.