Former TNA Exec Scott D'Amore Files Trademark On Name Of Former Wrestling Promotion

Former TNA President Scott D'Amore might be getting back into the wrestling business in the near future if a recent trademark with a little nod to the past is to be believed. On April 16, D'Amore filed to trademark the name "Maple Leaf Wrestling," which has since been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Maple Leaf Wrestling was a Canadian promotion founded in the 1930s by Jack Corcoran, who eventually had his stake in the company bought out by the Tunney family, who turned the company into an eventual affiliate of the National Wrestling Alliance. After Frank Tunney passed away in 1983, his son Jack would sign with the WWF in 1984, and would act as the company's onscreen President.


While the original Windsor-based promotion was able to host stars like Ric Flair, Andre the Giant, and Bruno Sammartino, it's unclear what stars D'Amore might be able to bring to his new promotion. D'Amore was fired from his position in TNA in February 2024 in a move that shocked a lot of people given the level of excitement surrounding the company with D'Amore in charge.

According to reports, D'Amore wanted more money for TNA in order to keep their good run of form going after the company re-branded to its original name from Impact Wrestling at the beginning of 2024. However, Anthem Sports decided that they were going to cut budgets across the board, something that D'Amore saw as a sign that his time in the company was coming to an end. Talent were so upset by the news that D'Amore was fired that the entire locker room had to have a meeting with Anthem Sports to explain the situation, which reportedly left a number of people on the roster very angry.