Backstage Details On Anthem Meeting With TNA Talent Following Scott D'Amore Firing

2024 is only a month old, but it continues to deliver blockbuster news stories in the world of pro wrestling at an alarming pace. Today, it was TNA's turn to be front and center, after it was revealed that TNA President Scott D'Amore had been fired from the promotion, and replaced by Anthem Sports & Entertainment executive Anthony Cicone. And as the dust settles, many questions remain unanswered.

PWInsider reports that TNA attempted to answer some of those questions earlier today, in a Zoom meeting with talent that addressed D'Amore's departure and Cicone's promotion. In addition to Cicone, the call was also said to include Anthem President/CEO Len Asper. Regarding D'Amore's departure, it was said that he "stepped down" from the President position, a conflicting statement to Anthem's earlier press release, and one that ruffled feathers with much of the TNA locker room, who thought very highly of D'Amore.

Because D'Amore's departure was announced before Anthem executives entered the call, several talents were said to be furious and had to be calmed down by veteran talents, while talent wasn't permitted any questions during the meeting regarding the situation. Meanwhile, Cicone's remarks, described as a "prepared statement," were also not popular, though several talents noted the new President was put "in a no-win" scenario.

There was a feeling of uncertainty following the meeting, with some talents taking a "wait and see" approach regarding potential other changes, though some were encouraged that the rest of D'Amore's creative team remains intact at this time. One thing that was agreed upon was some trepidation towards Anthem, with one TNA personality saying TNA's ownership group had "a lot of work to do."