Bayley Outlasts Naomi & Tiffany Stratton To Retain WWE Women's Title At Backlash

As we predicted, WWE Backlash 2024 saw Bayley celebrate her first WWE Women's Championship retention in Lyon, France, pinning Naomi in a Triple Threat match also involving Tiffany Stratton. The match itself looked at moments to be firmly in the hands of each challenger, with each of Stratton and Naomi getting near-falls interrupted. Things were typically back and forth between the three competitors from the get-go, exchanging attempted roll-ups before the action went to the outside.


During the closing stretch, Stratton drove both Bayley and Naomi through respective announcers' tables before pulling the action back in the ring. Stratton went for the Prettiest Moonsault Ever, which Naomi and Bayley avoided before delivering some momentary double-team offense to remove Stratton from the equation. Bayley then countered a Naomi pin attempt into her own for the win. 

Saturday's title defense was the first for Bayley after the Royal Rumble winner captured the WWE Women's Championship from Iyo Sky during Night 2 of WrestleMania 40