Former WWE Star Shelton Benjamin Discusses Pro Wrestling Options

Former WWE star Shelton Benjamin is beginning to test the wrestling waters around the world following his release in September 2023. Since his departure, Benjamin has already traveled to Australia, and later on this year, he will face TNA star Josh Alexander in Prestige Wrestling and will also be part of Progress Wrestling's Super Strong Style 16 tournament in England.


However, during a recent interview with Simon Miller of "WhatCulture Wrestling," Benjamin admitted there is one place he really wants to go. "I'm desperate to get back to Japan, I really, really want to go back to Japan," Benjamin said. "I spent four years over there whether people realize it or not ... but I loved my time over there and again, the casual fan doesn't even realize there's wrestling over there, but they see these little clips of me having these matches with [Naomichi] Marufuji and [Hiroshi] Tanahashi and all these guys."

Unlike his first departure from WWE in 2011, when there was much less in terms of options for wrestlers, there is a whole host of companies that can play to different strengths. This is something Benjamin is a big fan of, and wants to explore in the near future. "I'm excited about the fact that there are more options because obviously, with all the great talent out there, we all can't shine in the same place. So it's nice to have an AEW, a Ring of Honor, a TNA, a New Japan, and I personally want to work for all of them." AEW commentator Jim Ross has already made his case on why the company should sign Benjamin in the near future, crediting his natural ability in the ring as well as his vast experience and ability to be a team player.


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