Tommy Dreamer Assesses WWE NXT Champ Trick Williams' 'Connectedness' With Audience

It's no secret that Trick Williams is one of, if not the, most popular stars on "WWE NXT". Speaking on "Busted Open Radio", Tommy Dreamer shared his thoughts on the relationship Williams has with fans. "He does have that connectedness with the 'NXT' audience, Dreamer said. "Hopefully it will move on eventually when he is able to move on but right now, he's the face of 'NXT.'" Having previously held the North American Championship, Williams dethroned Ilja Dragunov to become the new NXT Champion during Night One of Spring Breakin', prior to Dragunov being called up to "WWE Raw" during the 2024 WWE Draft. To date, Williams has only made one appearance on the main roster during the January 26 "WWE SmackDown".


"He's got it," Dreamer said. "He's got the look. He's got the size. He can work. That's why he's the champion. Hopefully, like I said, if and when he gets called up, there's going to be that same connection with the crowd." Thinking back to Night Two of Spring Breakin', when Lash Legend handed Williams a mysterious envelope, Dreamer complimented Williams on being able to acknowledge the crowd without being too over the top, and compared it to The Rock's interactions with fans during promos.

"He also — even though he was The Rock — he had that connectedness with people because he could make you laugh," Dreamer said. "He could make you cry. He could make you smile. He brought you in on the jokes. He broke the fourth wall when he pulled the camera in and raised his eyebrow to you."


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