Freddie Prinze Jr. Shares Concerns About Current AEW Storyline For The Elite

The closing segment of the May 24 episode of Dynamite saw Tony Khan laid out by Jack Perry and taking the "TK Driver". The show went off the air with AEW talent and staff, along with Khan's father, Shad, in the ring. On the May 27 episode of Collision, fans were informed by Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness that Khan suffered head and neck injuries and would be unable to travel. He would be running Dynamite remotely. Before the show, Khan also hinted that someone would be filling his role for him.  On "Wrestling with Freddie", Freddie Prinze, Jr. shared his confusion with the storyline. Prinze said he's nervous about this storyline because Khan is still making matches. 


"Why is Tony Khan making decisions right now?" Prinze asked. "Shouldn't he be — if they're (The Elite) taking over the show — it should've been the EVPs making that match and not Tony. Or why haven't they been fired if he's okay enough to book a match? He's okay enough to go, 'Yo, you're gonna assault me in the ring, you're suspended.' Or fired or whatever it is."

Prinze says he wants this storyline to work, but he doesn't know what's going to happen. He predicts that The Elite will take over and that Kenny Omega will be on Khan's side and possibly Hangman Page. He believes a third person will join them and that this will lead to a pay-per-view match. He joked that the winner of the match would get control of the company. 


On the May 1 episode of Dynamite, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson answered one of Prinze's questions. They weren't fired by Khan due to "ironclad contacts" that include a "founder's clause". Matthew confirmed that they are in charge now and ran Wednesday's doubleheader of Dynamite and Rampage. Fellow EVP Kenny Omega attempted to exert control over the Jacksons but was swiftly attacked by The New Elite.

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