TNA X-Division Champ Mustafa Ali Teases Return Of Popular WWE Finishing Move

Mustafa Ali, the current TNA X-Division Champion, has teased potentially bringing back his high-flying 054 finisher. Ali, who is known for impressive agility and aerial ability inside the squared circle, recently posted on X about bringing back the 054, a reverse 450 splash, that he performed frequently in WWE.


Ali used the finisher consistently when he was a part of the Cruiserweight Division in WWE, but later shelved it, with him stating on social media that the risk wasn't worth the reward with that move. He had earlier hinted that the move could cause him injuries which is why he ditched it. Ali still uses the 450 as one of his finishers, while another finisher in his arsenal that he has used in the past is the Koji Clutch.

The former WWE star has been on a roll since his exit from WWE last year, with him featuring in the indies, as well as NJPW, and later, TNA Wrestling. Ali won the TNA X-Division title in February at the No Surrender pay-per-view, where he defeated Chris Sabin in the main event of the show. He has also wrestled in NJPW, defeating Hiromu Takahashi in April, which has been the only match he has had in the Japanese promotion. Ali, though, is scheduled to wrestle at the upcoming NJPW Resurgence show, where he will face off against a former WWE colleague, Lio Rush, in a singles match.