Booker T Slams Tony Khan For Becoming An AEW Character, Making Anti-WWE Comments

AEW President Tony Khan recently got involved with the ongoing storyline involving The Elite and Jack Perry, contradicting his stated intent never to become an onscreen character. On his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T addressed Khan's onscreen appearance, and his recent comments about WWE. According to the veteran, the "Tony Khan Driver" spot came off as if it was done in slow motion, and he especially noted how Khan's head was far from the ground when the move hit. "He [Matthew Jackson] actually paused before he actually put him down. Which I understand, it's taking care of the boss."


Booker then criticized promoters for becoming onscreen personalities, and noted how difficult it eventually becomes for them to do their jobs, and how this will be the case, especially with Khan. "From what we've heard Tony Khan has every job at AEW, as far as writing, as far as creative, as far as booking. .. That right there? Then now [being on the show] is a recipe for disaster in this business." It's worth noting, however, that Vince McMahon spent years as both real-life boss and regular onscreen character, so one wonders what Booker thought about that.

Khan recently called WWE the "Harvey Weinstein" of pro wrestling, which Booker took offense at, due to spending over 20 years in WWE. He then questioned why Khan seems to hate WWE. "And the thing is, where is it coming from? Because I don't see any of this coming from the other side. This [is] a one-sided affair. Where is it coming from? Where is the disdain coming from? Where is the hate coming from to be able to make a statement like that?"


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