Why AEW's Don Callis 'Shed No Tears' Over Scott D'Amore's TNA Firing

TNA has undergone many changes over the past year, most notably returning to their previous name after years as "Impact Wrestling," but on top of that, longtime TNA President Scott D'Amore was fired. Don Callis, who has history with the promotion, recently commented on D'Amore's firing during "Sunday Night's Main Event," and claimed it doesn't bother him. According to Callis, it wasn't "news" to him, especially considering the two don't speak anymore. 


"What news? Scott's not with TNA anymore? I don't talk to Scott so I don't know. No [we're not in touch anymore]." He then took a shot at D'Amore's height and suggested that he might make up for it by being rich. "But, but, here's the thing, Scott D'Amore is five-foot-eight, but when he stands on his wallet, he's 7 feet tall." Callis then further built upon his statement, pointing out that the reason he doesn't feel bad for D'Amore is simply because he's a multi-millionaire. "So Scott D'Amore, we're not having any tag days here for Scott D'Amore, no food stamps. If he lost his job, I don't shed a tear because I don't shed a tear for multi-millionaires, who now (is) just gonna play more golf. Scott's a smart guy but I mean, you know, no tears here so, but I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know." (h/t "Post Wrestling").


Interestingly, it appears Callis is right to not worry about his former colleague, as D'Amore is not backing away from the wrestling industry after being fired from TNA. According to reports, the former TNA President has filed a trademark for "Maple Leaf Wrestling," which was a Canadian promotion founded in the 1930s. D'Amore might just have deeper pockets than many realized, and could likely start his own promotion soon.