WWE's Jade Cargill And Bianca Belair Discuss Representation, Becoming Tag Team Champions

WWE Backlash took place live in the French city of Lyon over the weekend, and one of the primary developments coming out of the show was the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship changing hands. Bianca Belair and recent WWE addition Jade Cargill picked up a victory over Damage CTRL's Asuka and Kairi Sane and, at the post-show press conference, the two spoke at length about what it meant to them to get that win together.


"I have a seven-year-old at home and I want her to know that she can do any and everything, regardless of the obstacles that are ahead of her," Cargill said. "We're out here taking things down every day and making historical moments like we're doing right now."

Cargill then added that she and Belair wanted to show the French culture that people can accomplish whatever they want, no matter their skin tone. Belair added that, to her, representation is "not a request, it's a requirement," and she was proud to perform in France to represent both her race and to continue showing what women in wrestling can do.

Belair was happy she and Cargill got to capture a championship together and, as an added bonus, end the reign of Damage CTRL. While Cargill pointed out that many might expect herself and Belair to be at odds, the two are instead working together and plan to take over the tag division. To Cargill, that means working hard to show that she belongs among a roster of incredibly talented women, including Damate CTRL and beyond.


"Working with Bianca, she's gonna do nothing but excel, so I ... have to excel," Cargill continued. "I have to go out there and I have to deliver. That's what it is. That's the standard here. You can't go out there and half it."