Mark Henry Says This Top WWE Star Is 'Worth His Weight In Gold' After Backlash

A WWE Hall of Famer is heaping praise on two competitors in the street fight opening match of Backlash in Lyon, France on Saturday. Mark Henry spoke on "Busted Open Radio" about the match that pit Kevin Owens and Randy Orton against Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga, a match that got the stipulation after the teams began to brawl before the bell rang. What followed was a brutal match filled with kendo sticks, garbage cans, and table spots, and ended with the interference of the debuting Tanga Loa to help the Bloodline. Henry commended Owens for excelling in the match in front of the raucous French crowd, saying he did a great job setting the tone for what was to come.


"I thought that the violence and the aggression and the physicality set the tempo for the whole pay-per-view and Kevin Owens, listen, the dude is worth his weight in gold," he said. "He is not going to shy away from anything. He's going to suggest to you something that's going to make you go, 'Alright. We doing that? Then that's what we're doing.' I love that because there's no fear."

Henry also praised Sikoa, who has seemingly stepped into the role of leader of the Bloodline in Roman Reigns' absence. Sikoa had previously been the heavy for Reigns, the Usos, and "Wiseman" Paul Heyman, not often speaking on the microphone and  playing his part from the background in Bloodline segments until it was time for things to get physical. Following his cousin's Undisputed WWE Universal Championship loss at WrestleMania 40 and subsequent break from WWE TV, Sikoa has entered the limelight on "WWE SmackDown," something Henry is glad to see. "Solo is starting to enter his comfort zone, too, I don't know if y'all recognize that or not, but Solo's expressions are different," he said. "The light switch came on."


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